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Friday, April 18, 2003  


There are moments during Bachelor 3 when Liz, the event planner from Chicago, looks at lot like Kelly Clarkson, winner of American Idol 1.

Probably only because it is Easter Week, there is war in the MidEast and Toys R Us has run lots of commercials, but Bashar Asad reminds me of Geoffrey from Toys R Us (Toys R Us is partnered with Amazon -- a nice example of bricks/mortar working with online commerce partner -- sorry, late 90's flashback).

Professional looters are likely responsible for looting of Iraq's most valuable antiquities . Suprise, looks like Saddam or his foreign cronies (who have both been looting Iraq for decades) are responsible. No matter, the world will just keep crawling up America's arse.

Rodney King drives like a fricking maniac again. Luckily, he didn't run into a Krispy Kreme. This man has been charged 9 times in the past 12 years with a variety of crimes; from driving under the influence of angel dust to assaulting his wife with a deadly weapon. I am not saying he deserved the beat down in '91, but he sure isn't worth the $3.8 million payout, the $1 billion in property damage or the 55 deaths that occurred after his video premier.

posted by DJ | Friday, April 18, 2003

Must Protect Family Honor: MUST KILL FAMILY!

For most members of the Pakistani Interior Ministry (who funded the Taliban and other terrorists), the thought of marrying a Christian is too much to handle. Those who contemplate it are thought to be worthy of death via an honor killing.

To those of us raised on media, this sounds like something the Bloods, Crips, Warriors, or Baseball Fury might employ. (If you don't know those guys: Go pound sand, then rent the movie!)

Fortunately, a Pakistani court sentenced a former Interior Ministry employee (his name, shockingly, is Mohammad) to death for killing 7 members of his family after his daughter announced she was going to marry a Christian.

In addition to killing his uppity daughter, the man killed his pregnant wife, and three of his other kids. WOW!

As they sometimes say; with friends like Pakistan (and of course the frogs) who needs enemies?

posted by DJ | Friday, April 18, 2003


With each passing day the Iraqi populace, goaded by their clerical leaders, appears to get more and more used to this freedom thing.

Thousands of Iraqi protestors took to the streets Friday and demanded the US leave.

While it is great to see Iraqis speaking publicly, something tells me that speech is not really free. Strings are being pulled in Middle Eastern Capitals (ie Tehran) to cause problems for the liberators.

There are a few options for the US here -
1) Screw them, get the job done and kill them with efficiency and kindness
2) Beat them down, like Saddam would have, and get the job done.
3) Leave and let them descend into anarchy. (not doable for US National Security reasons and humanitarian reasons -- though it wouldn't be so bad to see them slaughter one another -- not in the "any dead Iraqi is a good Iraqi" way, but in the, "I guess the US wasn't so bad" way.

No matter what the US chooses, the Iraqi sheep, their clerics, the sick bastard Middle Eastern leaders, Europe, and Hollywood are gonna bitch and moan the whole way.

In the end, we will succeed and as we all know, nothings more popular than a winner.

posted by DJ | Friday, April 18, 2003

Thursday, April 17, 2003  


Oddly good accounting thrive in sadistic, dictatorial regimes.

In Basra tons of documents were found that detail all the dinars spent on parties in Saddam's honor, getting child informants to turn in their parents, and the amount of rotten cheese dispensed to new recruits. Hitler, the master of industrialization of savagery, would have been proud.

Rumor is now spreading that French experts provided training and funding to Saddam's body counters.

posted by DJ | Thursday, April 17, 2003


While no one has asked Congressman Jim Moron, er, I mean Jim Moran whether he thinks Madonna is part of the Jewish Conspiracy to control America's foreign policy, her latest announcements about educating children through jewish mysticism put her directly in his line of fire.

posted by DJ | Thursday, April 17, 2003


Is it a suprise that Dr. Atkins, inventor of the no carbs, high protein diet, succumbed to death as Passover begins. Passover, of course, is a Jewish holiday where the yids skip out on bread for a week and only eat crispy crackers.

According to Wendy Schlicter, a jewess and an avid atkins dieter, "Its really the only week of the year that I can feel at peace as a jew and as a person struggling with weight issues. Its just had to be a setup. Fate is not that cruel"

When asked who might have planned this scheme. Schlicter would not answer verbally, but then held her two hands together at the thumbs creating a W with her thumbs and index fingers. She did this twice.

Weight Watchers could not be reached for comment and Sarah Ferguson is said to be hiding in Damascus. (according to Colin Powell)

posted by DJ | Thursday, April 17, 2003

Tim Robbins Deliver's Lecture On Constitution?

How do you know when your legal system is in trouble? When Tim Robbins speaks at the National Press Club (I guess Easter Week is really slow) and declares that the first amendment is suffering. Elle Woods, a recent graduate from Harvard Law School, wouldn't comment on the emaciated actor's remarks, other's have.

Its odd that a man who has been able to say whatever he wants on CNN, Bill Maher, and newspapers throughout the land is complaining about people's ability to speak out in this country. If he is talking about the whole Hall of Fame thing, well then Tim Robbins is confused. (which is not hard to believe since he has been working in Hollywood for decades)

Robbins apparently wants the right to say whatever he wants, but doesn't want others to respond to it. I guess this means he wants free and weak speech. Kind of like the stuff that the weasel, Pauly Shore spits out.

God willing, Tim is off in a corner pounding sand with his live in lover.

posted by DJ | Thursday, April 17, 2003

Wednesday, April 16, 2003  


No better way to celebrate the end of the heavy fighting than by checking out some of those lovely ladies from Down Under. Enjoy!

posted by DJ | Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Go pound sand. Thats right! I am talking to anyone who finds themselves in line with the French, Syrian, Iraqi et al. movement. The people who find common cause in trying to disrupt, derail, or kill American hegemony and the ideals that have led to it. To stand in the way of the US is to face the tides of history and join Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, and Che (that dude got real messed up when the CIA cut off his hands!)

Perfect example is the recent pronouncement by Yasser's gang that terrorist Abu Abbas cannot, 'by international law' be held by the U.S.

Of course those nasty terrorist are pointing to an agreement signed by former prez Slick Willy. In his race to get a nobel peace prize (which Yasser already has) the slick one apparently agreed to something that said the US will not chase terrorist who did their killing before '93. This is another example of Bill's blowback (and I ain't talkin Lewinsky -- can you believe what she's up to?)

posted by DJ | Wednesday, April 16, 2003

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