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Saturday, May 03, 2003  


Most women don't have the power first lady Imelda Marcos had back in the day, but they mostly all love shoes. In order to honor that bit of 'irrational consumerism' (think Carrie on Sex & The City not having condo down payment b/c she had $40,000 dead dyed cow) here is the STAR JONES SHOE BUYING GUIDE. Enjoy!

AM I ANNOYING? No, its a website where you can see why different people, places, things, etc.. may or may not be annoying. Here are some examples -- PETA -- Al Quaeda -- Gwyneth Paltrow. The most and least annoying list (100 of each) is a great place to see where people on the web stand. (ie Puck is #9 most, Charles Shultz is #9 least)

Finding big time public hypocritzz is fun. Bill Bennet, a moral crusader who served as Sec. of Education under Reagan and wrote the bestselling Book of Virtues, apparently has a gambing problem of Jordanesque proportions. According to sources, the man who commands $50,000 per speech also may have lost more than $8 million at the casinos over the last decade. Click here for Casino Stocks.

posted by DJ | Saturday, May 03, 2003

Friday, May 02, 2003  


Janeane Garofalo (sp?) was guest host of The View yesterday. Boy is she dark and serious. Think Wednesday Addams, Daria from MTV, or Kevin Spacey's daughter in American Beauty. She ranted about how the war was started and that now Bush was blah, blah, blah.

The strong, beautiful, and genuine Star Jones then told Garofalo of meeting Iraqis whose families suffered death and torture under Saddam's regime. Star relayed that those IRAQIs supported the war. Garofalo said BLAH, neo-McCarthyism, BLAH and when Joy commented that Americans were smart enough to understand what is now happening in Iraq, Garofalo rolled her eyes & made a face indicating her lack of faith in regular americans. Tip to short comedian girl -- condescending feelings towards mainstream Americans best saved for snorting coke with other clueless celebs.

When the girls moved on to Bachelor 3 and American Idol, Garofalo pulled herself out of the dialogue as if it were beneath her. She practically put her head down on the table. Joy called attention to the awkwardness by directly asking her to "weigh in." Somewhat bothered, Garofalo lifted her head and explained she hadn't seen the show, but "I know they're talented kids." It must be so time consuming and stressful being a Hollywood activist.

What the hell was Garofalo doing on the show? She gabbed about the war for a few moments, but she had to know that serious talk has a limited shelf life on The View. She looked like she was in pain. I wonder if it was as painful as her character in Reality Bites? The whole thing reminded me of the freedom hating lady from Washington state who went to Gaza, violently protested, stood in front of a bulldozer removing tunnels, fell, and was run over. She knew what she was getting herself into. So did Garofalo.

Then came the payoff, Garofalo got to pitch a pet project. New Moon Magazine. The magazine is for 8-14 year old girls who want to be strong, independent etc.. The mag has no pictures of hotty models, diet stuff, or boy talk. Its about strong women and stuff. No pictures, no judgements -- kind of like Monica Lewinsky's Mr. Personality. Some of the girls were on the show. (with bags over their heads so we wouldn't objectify them or anything - kind of like burkas - joke)

Intelligent, confident girls, but I gotta say, whether right wing christian or New Moom Magazine inspired, it is sad seeing young people who are brainwashed with an ideology. As the 13 year old pontificated on sexism in advertising, Joy joked, "I think we have the new president of N O W" (have you ever seen their website? Those ladies is stirred up!)

The New Moons website has lots of opportunities to buy stuff. Including trips where they TORTURE DEFENSELESS ANIMALS. At least in the mind of a pita, I mean PETA Head. For a couple thousand bucks, a young woman can swim with the dolphins (here snowflake...) or go dogsledding ala Cuba Gooding Jr.

I called PETA, they wouldn't comment. I sent them an email and am waiting for a reply. I mean if they are gonna bother Yasser Arafat for using donkey's to kill Jews they might as well bother Garofalo for using dolphins and dogs to teach girls independence?

Tell Garofalo to leave the animals alone. Call her manager -- David DeCamillo at the Gersh Agency - 310-274-6611 (come on, you don't pay for long distance at work)

Tell PETA to tell Garofalo to leave the animals alone PETA'S EMAIL


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Thursday, May 01, 2003  


Thats him. Our man, Rumy autographing street signs in Baghdad. He deserves this trip through the Arab/Muslim world, surveying lands already conquered and finding others to push forward.

It sure is nice to be living in the most powerful, most open, and richest country/empire in the history of the world. While I may not be Italian, I know what it is to be Roman. Having the most productive, free political entity in the world, and dominating by virtue of that system.

Of course, some Americans hate Rumy's pragmatic analysis and success and have gone with a delusional strategy. In the interest of giving fools the rope to hang themselves, here is what Norman Mailer, an author famous to people over 50 and English Lit majors at William and Mary College, said about the war. Is this racist?

posted by DJ | Thursday, May 01, 2003


Dead child soldiers in Africa? Sure, lots of them as well as women and old people. While diamonds may be forever for us here in the west, they pave the way for death in Africa.

Speaking of dead people in Africa, 3 million people have died in the Congo over the past few years. I wonder why no one cares? I am going to write some emails to American leaders to find out what up with this ignorace. Where's Jesse, Al, and Carol Mosely Braun. More on this later.

Good News, yahoo has a great picture of Mr. T.

posted by DJ | Thursday, May 01, 2003

Wednesday, April 30, 2003  


Interestingly, the leaders of the 4 European nations that opposed the war with Iraq (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and France) decided to screw themselves a little more.

Few thought it could be done so easily, but by announcing their own little defense alliance (though they are part of the EU, NATO, and other security agreements) these four euro zones moved further away from the tides of history. Somehow, these countries lived and prospered under the umbrella of the US Military but provided intelligence to Saddam that was disruptive to the US and Brit. Was this all out of spite? Was it for money? Probably both.

As they take the leap, they should read the case study on the WNBA. Yeah sure, women can play, and should be able to play hoops all they want, but if there is a better league out there, fans are gonna watch that. AI, Shaq, CWebb, Yao, etc.. -- thats why WNBA attendance is dropping and franchises folding and moving. The WNBA is becoming irrelevant.

Some news ticker said that the President of PETA, has left instructions that she be barbecued and her skin used to make boots when she dies. No thanks: she's a vegetarian and wouldn't be meaty enough for a barbecue and she's white -- who wants white leather boots? Here's a short message for PETA from ESPN.

Here is another asanine movement by her -- a letter to Yasser Arafat requesting that he not use donkey's to carry out bombings of Israeli's.

posted by DJ | Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Tuesday, April 29, 2003  


Ann Coulter, who became famous attacking Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, who became famous by proudly and butchly being used as a doormat by that very same president, are each accepting pre-orders on their new books.

Anns $20 worth of dead trees will be released in June as will Hillary's 576 page delusional romp that promises a 'complete and candid' accounting of her years in the White House. The title of Himmary's memoirs, "Living History," surely reminds all of Bill's view of himself and the world while in the WH.

Analysts have stayed away from predicting which book will sell more copies, but one Mindspring based commentator opined, "In an odd way, this is a battle at the extremes. You don't see that too often. Usually its two centrists like Bush-Gore. This book thingy is Like Hitler vs. Liberace. The nuts will be out, and I don't mean Hillary's"

posted by DJ | Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Monday, April 28, 2003  


So very very sad. Palestinians are disheartened that the man who showered over $30 million on the families of their suicide bombers did not defeat coalition forces. Some said they felt pride whenever the Iraqi Minister of Information spoke to reporters during the war.

It is pathetic that once again a sad people chose evil as their path to salvation. (Did you know OVER 60% of PALESTINIANS SUPPORT SUICIDE BOMBINGS)

As the history proves over and over, "The Palestinians never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity."

posted by DJ | Monday, April 28, 2003

According to this article from our cousins across the pond, 70% of college students get their news from satire sites. Not a real suprise when most university professors in America go with the NY edition of Pravda. My favorite of the genre is SCRAPPLEFACE.

posted by DJ | Monday, April 28, 2003

Sunday, April 27, 2003  

WEEKEND REFECTIONS (In No Particular Order)

As combat winds down I've settled on my favorite Iraqi Freedom Embeds -- David Bloom (loved him from the sandstorm until his untimely death) and Andrea Catherwood. She looked great out there and has a tough record (she was injured by shrapnel from a Taliban suicide bomber in Afghanistan.)

Bachelor 3, Andrew Firestone gets more pathetic each week. Trying to get the girls to rat one another out? Before he handed out this weeks 4 roses, he said, "I am no longer a diplomat pleasing a crowd, but rather a guy searching for love." Who writes his lines? I think it might be the person who wrote the Julia Roberts, "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy," line from Notting Hill.

The beginning of the end for Euro-lefties as papers in Iraq implicate labour MP in payoff scheme from oil-for-food program totalling millions. Shockingly, news organizations are implicated too. Onward to Paris.

Watching a story on the crack down of Cuban dissidents on CNN I wondered not about the dissidents, but about the things that CNN is hiding. How many people has CNN seen gagged, tortured, raped in Cuba? As many as it saw in Iraq. Apparently CNN is still willing to pay the price of admission -- guilt by witness. They will continue to watch and keep silent. The culture of Ted and Jane lives on.

A globalized world can deliver germs from pig markets in rural China just as easily as it brings cheap christmas lights. And we have to put our faith and health in the hands of Chinese communist leaders. Great.

posted by DJ | Sunday, April 27, 2003

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