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Saturday, May 10, 2003  


Just cause they're gay, doesn't mean I have to like them. I'm talking about the group Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT). Apparently this group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender folks believe their sexual orientation compels them to attack Israel.

Oddly, Israel is the only country in the Mideast where LGBT people are protected by the courts. While these QUIT people have rallied in Tel Aviv, I wonder what would happen to them in Damascus or Beirut, where all the other Pro-Palestinian Groups hang out and fundraise. Do you think Cleric Omar of The Palestinian Democratic Martyr Brigades would have a sit down with Mark from the Castro? You know, a little tea, a little Koran, and some anti-zion chatter. (Its mindboggling that these people could take this stand.)

Do they ever question what it means that the others who share their goals (Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc.) also support and carry out civilian terror campaigns? Do they ever wonder how Israel, which is 40 miles wide and 1/500 the size of the Arab world, has blocked all progress in the Mid East for decades? (those freakin Jewzz r sneaky smart) Did they read last falls UN Report, written by Arab scholars, that conceded the backwardness (economically, scientifically, judicially, and in terms of quality of life) of the Arab world and the inadequacies of its policies? Is it odd that Yasser Arafat made the Top 10 of Forbes richest Kings, Queens, and Despots.

Why did these QUIT folks pick Israel? What about the Kurds or the people of Congo (3 million people have died there in 5 years and more fall out of planes each day). What about the children of the slums of latin america? Lots of Christians from KY go there to help and they don't ask for attention or thanks.

posted by DJ | Saturday, May 10, 2003

Friday, May 09, 2003  


Just another example of the French getting in our way while we deliver justice to those who wish to deliver terror! Read the whole thing, the French part is as the bottom (as it should be). Also, don't you think its a little weird how similar this guys name is to Koop. You know C. Everett Koop.

posted by DJ | Friday, May 09, 2003

High School Hazing Proves Rumsfeld's Theory

When Secretary of Def. Donald Rumsfeld stated that "Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things," he was widely denounced for his analysis of the looting of Baghdad. (oh, btw, have ya heard, around 90% of the 'priceless artifacts' from the Iraqi National Museum are accounted for. Apologies for widespread castigation of the WH and DOD have yet to come)

But Rumsfeld's theory of pent up aggression was confirmed when an Illinois high school powder puff football meeting turned violent last week. Sr. girls, brimming from a cocktail of pent up rage and Ritalin went after their Jr. counterparts like a bunch of Kurds taking on Saddam's Tikriti Clan. The high school transition in the wealthy Chicago suburb proved Rumy's claim that regime change is "untidy." In this case feces, pig intestines, and minnows took full advantage of the freedom granted.

Speaking of pigs intenstine, is there any doubt that Fear Factor influenced whoever called for those? Whether Fear Factor, its producers, or host Joe Rogan will be named in the ensuing lawsuits is under investigation. Emails are being sent and more will be reported, but one can easily imagine an angry Senior named Heather spewing forth during the planning, "Lets get some pigs intestine and get Fear Factor on those bitches."

Hollywood executives are already fighting over the project. Handi-cappers believe that Ivan Reitman has the inside track because of the mud wrestling scene he shot in the movie Stripes.

posted by DJ | Friday, May 09, 2003


You bet your sweet ass it can (and will) if internet capable public toilets are used. Thats right; in the future you may be taking a crap at the mall and sending email to your nephew at summer camp. Don't worry about that brown substance on the mouse and yes some people will be pulling Pee Wees in the bano. This whole thing is disgusting.

posted by DJ | Friday, May 09, 2003


Given the difficulty of making money in this economy, it makes sense to sue someone or an organization with a lotta bling bling. We live in a target rich environment; recently a hoosier sued a casino for the $170K he blew on slots. Another would be burgler sued McDonalds; blaiming the restaurant for his obesity. While a lot of these plaintiffs lose when they go to trial, smart playaas find the most profitable outcome through a settlement (think Tobacco money) or by losing the judicial wars but signing deals for books, made for tv movies, and motivational speeches. In America, everything has been marketed and is therefore a target.

Cable providers, capri designers, video game makers, car dealers, microwave makers, coffee shops, and movie studies could all be sued for lost wages, body image disfunction, anorexia nervosa, social ineptitudes, etc.. In America any activity can be taken to excess and someone (other than the person who went to excess) and someone needs to pay. For example, a women like 39 year Jenny Rasken of Buffalo NY might sue the cast of FRIENDs, NBC, and the producers of the show for making her feel "so part of the group" and making the show available so often through syndication that she never found friends of her own. Jenny became a shut in during season 6, has gained over 100 pounds, and now suffers from type 2 diabetes. Deplorable!!

Juan Senbences, 27, of Miami Florida could sue Playboy Enterprises for his mental duress and depression. A lifelong reader of their publications, Juan's marriage is on the rocks because his wife is aging and no longer looks like a bunny to him. Evidence in the case could include Senbences' 5,000 volume Playboy collection, including 7 years of issues which he purchased as a minor. No word on whether the 7-11 outside of Miami, the alleged dealer that Senbences visited, will be named in the suit. Democratic Presidential nominee, and former trial lawyer John Edwards made millions with this kind of vision.

$2 WORTH OF KISSINGER MADE SENSE to me given how messed up the world is today I saw his book Years of Renewal sitting on a table at a used book shop for $2 .(notice that its $16.80 @ Amazon). I think I got my moneys worth with the first page.

Kissinger opens chapter 1 by writing, "Gerald Rudoph Ford was an uncomplicated man tapped by destiny for some of the most complicated tasks in the nation's history." Wow. Doesn't that sound like something that might be written about GW at some point? Sure there are dramatic differences between 1974 and today, but at a broad level, there are similarities. Mid East on Fire/Bitter divide in the US/Economic troubles/Redefinition of great power relations etc. I'll read some more in the coming days, but am hoping that somewhere in there are some answers to the issues we are facing today.

posted by DJ | Friday, May 09, 2003

Wednesday, May 07, 2003  


Maybe its because Josh Gracin, the US Marine, was booted off of America Idol tonite; but dammit, I want to talk about the military, actually, I want to talk about talking about the military.

In the days leading up to the war and over Spring Break '03 as we watched the war, anti-war activists repeatedly claimed that while they were against the war, they supported the soldiers. The argument goes something like this, "the soldiers are just the tools of evil, war mongers looking to control oil, subjugate people of color, and blah blah blah"

Of course no one wants a repeat of Vietnam (at least thats what I take from all the Stone movies), but its completely obscene for anyone who is anti-war today to support the troops. The US military is a professional military. TRANSLATION: OUR SOLDIERS JOIN TO EITHER KILL PEOPLE or SUPPLY/SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO KILL PEOPLE.

Ya tell someone you're a lawyer, stock broker, or accountant and they'll look at you like you're the scum of the earth, however, say you're part of a tactical explosive team that mines harbors and roadways and you're eating free apple pie for life. I have no problem with that, I just want the anti-war folks to understand this. While our soldiers are young, they are not naive about their jobs are. Don't treat them that way in order to push your old, broken down agenda.

And for those who buttress their anti-American leadership stance by arguing that 'Americas sons and daughters shouldn't be dying for colonial empire', blah, blah: you are fools. Again, we are talking about a professional, all volunteer military (here check out the army site). We should never send soldiers to the slaughterhouses, but don't victimize them as if they are being pulled from their mommas teats and sent off to foreign lands.

Even that old KKK Member Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat-WV), wants to talk military. Byrd opposed the war and has now said that GW's landing and speech on the Abe Lincoln was out of line -abuse of the military and so on. Wrong for two reasons 1) the military loves Bush (check the votes and the poll) and 2) I don't give a rats ass what Byrd ever says b/c he was in the Klu Klux Klan and voted against the integration of our armed forces. Shocking. Go pound sand!

posted by DJ | Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Tuesday, May 06, 2003  


I never took crystal meth, but the 3 story series at the SF Chronicle gives 3 looks at the addiction side. The first is a kind of 'queer, party scene' world where David and Keith (from "6 Feet) , might go to pick up some punk ass for a 3-some. The second article tells the story of a really lonely, out of work PHd from MIT who takes speed to program. It reminds me of an old episode of TAXI, where Ignatowski's flash back explores his life before drugs. He was studying seriously at Harvard when he ate some hash brownies. Tom Hanks actually played his stoned roomate in the episode. (turns out it is the two part season finale of season 4 - episode 89/90). Finally, the last article tells the story of a teenager in a well to do community who is hooked on crank. As I read it I just kept thinking of the daughter character of Michael Douglas in Traffic.

The cash is tired campaign (where all the white men who are pictured on our money are sitting around while the characters in the commercials live life with their debit cards) has been running since the Superbowl and I am finally starting to think about it. If I use my debit card everywhere I won't be lying when I tell panhandlers I don't have money. If we go digital, gumball machine makers, cities with fountains (oh the stolen dreams!), and peep show owners (though people may not want a digital trail and thus owners will have to create a token system) are gonna battle this like cats in a bag. I wonder what Naomi Klein might think?

The line between a blog and a hot women image gallery, has been crossed. I don't think there is nudity on this blog, but if you object to the objectification of women don't look. If you are a man and like women -- LOOK. If you are a woman who likes hot women (by modern American standards) or a woman who wants to see a prime example of what men like, you too should look. Once again, and all together, 'GOD BLESS THE INTERNET.' This type of feature will not be a regular feature on this blog, but sometimes ya gotta share the wealth.

posted by DJ | Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Sunday, May 04, 2003  


Each Sat and Sunday, my TIVO records Beverly Hills 90210 from 7 am to 10 am. I don't watch all 3 hours, but the idea is to keep my TV off of news or other serious stuff first thing over the weekend.

Today I caught about 40 minutes of an episode where David and Donna go to Oregon. Donna is visiting Ray, who is struggling to build his music career. David is suprising his moms, who turns out to be a wacked out manic-depressive who has quit her job and gone homeless. Donna helps David, missing Ray's show, and Ray gets real mad.

Ray manhandles Donna in their cheap motel room. I knew this meant Donna had to leave him, but I wondered if it were 100 years ago if I would think she should leave him. Or, if it was Baghdad and Donna was Fatima and Ray was Hassan, perhaps a few pushes would be no big deal; maybe even a bargain. I was just wondering.

Did that mean that democracy, when talking about Iraq, ain't the stuff we buy in the US. In Iraq, honestly speaking, democracy should mean a stable, law based country where individual rights are protected equal on the books. In reality it will take some time before equal rights are fully protected. But political progress, as our friends in Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan all know, takes some time. All however, have experienced an incredible evolution of their political systems over the past 50 odd years. (50 years is no wait at all when thinkin' on 5,000 years of Chinese history)

The announcement to split Iraq into three and bring others to peace keep is welcome news. Once that occurs, exercising power, under the cover of our allies, becomes easier and the Neo-Colonialism charges of the Anit-American forces will no beckon those frail and frightened souls throughout the world.

While Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, etc. grace the cover of People, they are mere puppets. Puppets, placed in various stages and media to get their masters what they want. Who do you think decided that Colin Farrell is the new bad boy of Hollywood? You think Russ' Crowe just volunteered to step down? People behind the scenes always have the JU-ICE (Tupac got it). Think politics; as much as I love Rumy, everyone knows who wears the pants in the current White House.

To conclude; if you are in America, don't beat your women. If you are in Iraq, try not to beat your women, and try to focus on the bigger issues, and if you are going to run a country; try to do it by proxy, it attracts less heat.

posted by DJ | Sunday, May 04, 2003

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