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Saturday, May 17, 2003  


"Realizing the importance of the case, my men are rounding up twice the usual number of suspects," said Captain Louis Renault in the classic film Casablanca. There is no doubt that in the wake of the quintuple-suicide bombing in Casablanca and the triple-suicide bombing in Riyadh, law enforcement in the Arab world is rounding up lots of extremists. Sadly, like Captain Renault doing the bidding of the Nazis, today's law enforcement in Northern Africa (and the rest of the Arab world) is sure to be checking with Islamic power brokers before doing anything. (For example - did you hear that the Riyadh bombers had Saudi police uniforms and keys?)

So who in the Arab world can the we trust in this battle to determine whether terror is an acceptable means of political negotiation? No one can answer that question, but even more frightening is that at the same time that Arab extremists are blowing themselves up all over the place the US is forcing Israel to cut a deal with the greatest terrorist movement of all time.

Perhaps terror is increasing because the Palestinian movement has been repeatedly rewarded by the internatinal community for its killing of Jews (can you imagine how much of Europe Hitler would have been given if Churchill had a late 20th century mindset?). The US has announced its pulling its military out of Saudi Arabia (Osama's biggest demand if I remember correctly) yet terror has not slowed down. Al Quaeda has not announced that it is pleased with this development and will alter its policies accordingly. Reality is that the scourge will not go away until those is leadership positions (the bombers themselves are sheep, like most people in the world) are either killed, imprisoned, or lobotimized. There are other strategies that must be employed (such as the free trade zone Bush announced - it will increase jobs and hopefully weaken the call of extremism.) but let there be no doubt that in the Middle East, little works better than a big ol' can of wupass.

posted by DJ | Saturday, May 17, 2003

Thursday, May 15, 2003  


Watching one's enemies be crushed should make a guy happy. Oddly, the news that the New York Times is investigating complaints about "fudged datelines, composite scenes and too-good-to-be-true quotes" related to staff beyond Jayson Blair doesn't make me as happy as I thought it might. While I once revered the paper as a National Institution, the internet took away is ability to provide news and reality took away its ability to push policy. Tom Friedman forced me to keep my username and password at the website, but I'd buy a USA Today on the street before a I'd buy a Times. Don't even bother asking about a subscription.

From the Bush-Gore Welterweight Spit-Decision Election to the crash of the Nasdaq on thru 9/11 and Iraq, the NYTimes became a thorn in the side of pragmatism and lost any interest in the people that make up a healthy chunk of America (you know... the military, Walmart, Nascar types - even Kristof acknowledged that). The Times had become just another media outlet fighting for its agenda and shouting down its opponents crassly.

Whether the NY Times crumbles like a house of cards (think Enron, KMart, Arthur Anderson) or keeps clipping along its partisan way, its peak has long since passed. Its status as a national arbiter was lost somewhere along the way and its current carictature is still mutating before our very eyes. In the end, The NYTimes is just another player in the ultracompetitive media industry where honesty is not expected by the consumer but entertainment is.


Tom, its time to get a new management team. Between the braces and Nicole's success after the divorce ( I hear any average management team never would have let that happen), the decision to be in the Last Samurai seems more like an attempt at seppuku (ritual samurai suicide - no, they didn't kill lots of innocent jews while killing themselves). Firstly, Japan, sushi, samurai, blah blah -- that was so 80s. You remember Rising Sun? Buy American? Export restraints on Japanese Cars? How about parachute pants and Kelly McGillis?

To make matters worse, Japan is a small and diminishing market. Yes Tom, the Japanese and Chinese are different. There are only about 120 million Japanese and the population is shrinking. Not only that, the Japanese are not well thought of throughout Asia (they basically colonized all of Asia from 1895 thru the end of WWII -- check the map). In fact, after white men (like the one you play in the film) imported their thoughts and evil ways into Japan, the Tokugawa era ended, and Japan went crazy on Asia. Whether the new film glorifies colonialism remains to be seen (I'll wait until its on cable), but I am sure the people at International ANSWER will know what to do. (if they can panhandle enough change to buy a ticket)

Good luck Tom, and don't forget you're # 1 supporter in America is out of the closet and off the air. What did your management team do about that? Get the message?

posted by DJ | Thursday, May 15, 2003

Wednesday, May 14, 2003  


As some Americans and all Frenchmen try to discern who is the good guy in this global struggle of oursit would be instructive to notice all the dead bodies that were discovered over the past few days. These bodies were of the wretched; the weak minority (economically, ethnically, or religiously) in a barbaric world where big risks are the only ones that can deliver the dreamed of payoff: freedom.

The mass graves exumed in Iraq over the past few days (some believe there r 15,000 bodies in the newest fields) are just more of the 'outed' victims of Saddam's tyrannical regime. Closure is offered to the parents, husbands, siblings, and children of these found Iraqis. Tens of thousands of others await their turn, but know that anyone who crossed the regime was likely dead. Law and due process are not in the Iraqi dictionary.

Here in the US, 18 illegal Mexican immigrants died in the back of a tracker trailer in an incident that, like the buried found in Iraq, offers its own similarities to Hitler's Final Solution. These poor Mexicans apparently paid smugglers to get them into America for a chance at a better life. Of course, in the end they too paid the ultimate price. But me thinks, and I am aware that I am a fat happy American saying this, that these people knew they could die.

No point in yammering over these two items as they speak of the hopeful and the dammed. No need to ask who is who.

posted by DJ | Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Tuesday, May 13, 2003  


One of the great concerns of the Iraqi people was brought to my attention today via email. The concern that American culture, including, whiskey, sexy, democracy, would arrive in Iraq quickly and overwhelmingly. Shia clerics are spreading fear that the US and Coalition forces providing security and water today might lead to activities like DRESS UP NIGHT at STUDIO 54 in the MGM GRAND/VEGAS. This kind of stuff had only happened in the palaces of Saddam, UDAY, and QUSAY before the arrival of the Americans.

Thats right, America's markets are so free and open that one can pay a hotty to dress like a nurse, in the same place that Mr. Virtue Bill Bennet can be mugged by the one armed bandit, and little kids can fall deeper into the digital world by playing Nintendo 64 in the Youth Center as their parents piss away any money they might have saved for community college. Surely Iraqis do not want that? More practically, they don't want to get on a road that might lead them to that. Previous folks on that road inlcude South Koreans, Taiwanese, Poles, Czechs, Mexicans,and others... I don't know if they fought it so hard.

With the lunancy, fun and Tabu (anything can happen) of the MGM Grand comes the responsibility of decision making. When will Iraqis, and all Arab populations for that matter, be ready to enter the world where they can decide that instead of visiting the MGM Grand they are going to buy stock in it and make money off others who decide to partake in legal gaming. Many Shias in the South believe the best road to take is to follow islamic law, as their Iranian brethren have. Yeah sure, decades later they seem happy. Their economy seems to be booming, their companies lead the world and their scientists win Nobel Prizes (oh, I'm sorry, I was talking about the US and Britain I suppose, my bad. Well sure, thats right, Yasser Arafat did win the Peace Prize).

Speaking of Nobel Prize winner Arafat, did you know that during his acceptance speech he gave a shout out to the martyrs. He said, "I stare into the eyes of those martyrs whose look has seared into my consciousness as I stand here on this podium and who ask me about the homeland, about their vacant places. I hide my tears from them and tell them: "How right you were. Your generous sacrifice has enabled us to behold the Holy land, to tread our first steps on it in a difficult battle, the battle for peace, the peace of the brave." Given the new intifada led to a Road Map, Yasser's observation that blowing up people works is being proven true again.

If only our Iraq friends would take the hand extended to them by the US (Japan and Germany accepted it) and move forward rather than choosing the terror route. The Palestinian movement proves that it can work, but the price is massive -- see UN Report on worsening/embarrassing state of Arab world. While it may seem like a big risk to come to the American side, just think for a moment how happy a 25 year old Iraqi will be in the year 2053 that he can watch his shares of MGM Grand increase their dividends rather than watching his his younger brother blow himself up.

posted by DJ | Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Monday, May 12, 2003  


The 90210 reunion that aired on Fox on Sunday night really hit the spot. Its not that the show was fabulous (though there were some great moments) and not all of those old feelings came back to me (though I did feel a tingle when the theme song played.) The reunion show worked because I did not have great expectations of it. There were four main reasons that I had limited expectations.

Firstly, Brian Austen Green and Tori Spelling, were not on the reunion. Secondly, it was a talk show format and those are never as good as scripted reunion shows. Thirdly, I knew that limited run characters such as Clare Arnold, Janet, and Gina Kincaid wouldn't be on the show. Finally, nothing over the past few years (aside from the United States Military) has been very good.

So here are my 5 most memorable moments/themes from the Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion. No. 5 Luke Perry sitting yoga style the whole time. What was up with that. No. 4 Gabrielle Carteris yapping about being nervous before the reunion. I guess her stint with Emmanuel Lewis (Webster), a religious Hammer, and Corey Feldman on Surreal Life really loosened her emotions. No. 3 Seeing Joe E. Tata and James Eckhouse. I don't think there were more solid father figures in the 90s for a generation that really needed father figures. They screwed us by giving them such limited time on the show. No. 2 Shannen Doherty giving a shout out to the fans. Letting us know that she knows, even if Perry is a putz, none of it would have happened without the fans standing by for 10 yrs. And the No. 1 moment/theme from the Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion seeing the footage of Donna giving herself to David. It doesn't matta how many times its shown; its always a winner.


Of course this kook came from the city of San Francisco and is a supporter, though he would not admit it, of Hizbollah. The man spent 30 minutes reading other people's definitions and thoughts on terrorism. He included Republican leaders and Israeli leaders. One wonders if Clinton (who watched many terror attacks against the US) had any definition of terrorism. Like all matters of semantics and definitions, this game was meant to justify one's actions (in this case Hibollah's).

While old and white, as opposed to middle aged and black, Professor Dwight James Simpson was as delusional as OJ Simpson. Never in the history of modern middle eastern politics has one claiming to be a serious academic spoken on the subject of modern Lebanon without mentioning Syria once. Prof. DJ Simpson was able to do this. Never has the power of denial been so publically displayed. Good on you Simps!

Later in his ramblings, the anti-bush, pro-Arab stagnation Professor, fell back on the old "neo-con" bashing line of persuasion. He muttered about Wolfowitz, Perle, and other unelected officials (what % of offficials are actually elected who work in DC -- think of all the congressional committees, bureacracies, lobbyist etc?) planning this remapping of the Middle East for years. Good. Saving a whole region from itself should be planned over years, not months. See the UN Report (written by arab scholars) on Arab human development (or lack there of). Its sad to think that the US and its allies have to go in there, both to improve their lifes and too increase US security.

Quick shout out to our boys in Britain -- GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

posted by DJ | Monday, May 12, 2003


To say anything other than happy mothers day would be blasphemy! Who is not for mothers. They are like the environment. They're part of everyone's life and their reputation is that of love, caring, and, life itself in fact. Even those who have miserable lives-- bad disease, mental illness,depravity due to neglect -- can only hate their mommas so much.

So lets all say a prayer for the mothers; the teflon pronoun of our times. Salud you lucky bitches.

posted by DJ | Monday, May 12, 2003

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