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Wednesday, May 28, 2003  


It has now been over 10 days since I emailed Al Sharpton, Carol Moseley Braun, Harold Ford Jr., Barbara Lee, and Alcee Hastings and asked them about the 3 million people killed in the Congo. I figured this group of black American leaders, two of which want to be President, were likely to offer thoughtful answers about what we can do to stop the biggest blood bath in Africa.

Either they didn't answer because, a) their staff is crappy and doesn't answer emails or care about the Congo, b) their staff has set answers, but not one about the Congo, or c) when I admitted in the email that I was not AA, they decided I didn't need an answer. The point of all of this is that the Congo, located in the heart of Africa, is experiencing a Holocaust and the US must do something to stop it.

Making the aforementioned black leaders behavior even more suprising is that the supposedly racist President Bush was called one of Africa's best friend's by Live Aid founder Sir Bob Geldof for his administrations $15 billion dollar AIDS program,. Moreover, Geldof went on to say that Clinton (a white man many Black Americans consider to be the first Black Prez) talked a good game but did little (suprise?) and that the European Union's policies were "pathetic and appalling."

At the end of the day it doesn't matter if honkeys solve Africa's problems or African American leaders do it as long as the problems are solved; its just a little sad that so many of the black leaders, who win black votes by default, had nothing to say when I asked them what we should do about the Congo and why the US had done so little about it. I guess Al Sharpton was too busy attacking the NYPD over its killing of 1 black women. (You know what they say -- 1 murder is a tragedy and 1 million is a statistic)

posted by DJ | Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Tuesday, May 27, 2003  


Usually you don't expect to learn much sitting on your butt over memorial day, but while traveling on JetBlue, and enjoying the 25 channels of satellite tv they offer I learned a lot about Russia and specifically Peter the Great during a 2 hour show on the History Channel. Peter led Russia from the mid 1600s to the early 1700s.

In addition to being 6' 7" (probably the equivalent of 7' 6" today -- think Yao Ming) and dominating his enemies thru force, Peter was a wise man. He took over Russia when it was weak, with warring militias and a church that interfered in the functioning of the state. Peter understood that the weakness came from the land's introversion and looked towards Europe, technology, and education for strength. At one point during his rule he left his homeland and travelled thru Europe for 16 months in order to learn how he could strengthen his domains. He watched autospies and even joined the British Navy during some of their war exercises. When he returned he killed off the militias and made nobles dress in modern, rather than traditional garb (even ripping out some of their beards -- I mean this was Russia in the 17th century) The bottom line was Peter turned Russia from a backwards bitch state that the Mongol Hordes dominated into a European Power that defeated the powerful King Charles of Sweden and gave Russia access to the Black Sea.

The point of all this was that Peter understood that modernity was the only way to save his country and grow it, something no modern Arab states have realized. Peter, BTW, was not the only ruler to ever realize this. The Japanese did this in the 1800s and the Turks, under Ataturk did it in the early 1900s. So, why, oh, why can't any Arabs realize it. Why do they depend on fundamental religion and tribes in order to rule? Sure they are racing to get WMD, but those have deterrent value at best, and do not create sustainable value like education, medicine, and modern agriculture.

In the end it is going to take massive subjugation and humiliation in order to get the Arab world to change its ways and save itself. How many more Iraqs and Afghanistans are needed is anyone's guess and how many people will die (both westerners and Arabs) is also unclear. We can only hope that a Arab/Muslim Peter arrives sooner rather than later.

posted by DJ | Tuesday, May 27, 2003

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